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Our Process

We've worked for four decades to perfect the planning and building process to minimize your stress, and maximize the enjoyment of your new space. Although each project is different, we typically follow the process outlined below.

Getting to know each other

We begin each project by conducting one-on-one in-person meet and greet. It is our goal in this initial stage to learn about your needs, your current home and detail how we work. With 45years of renovations, we have many example projects to share with you and past clients you are welcome to speak with about their experience with our team. 

Some more complex projects may require a feasibility and zoning assessment to ensure your proposed project is viable within municipal zoning and land use designations. We're experts at this type of analysis and draw on our 45 years of experience working with local municipalities and conservation authorities. 

In-house Design and Estimating

To streamline the process, we work with our clients to design a custom renovation that meets their spatial needs and budget. To do this, we work under a Design Agreement where our team creates multiple proposed design layouts for you and provide a detailed estimate for your preferred design.


By completing the design synchronously with the detailed estimating process we can avoid common pitfalls with the typical design process where costing is provided by a private contractor based on plans supplied by your designer.


When the scope of work has been finalized and the plans are submitted for permit, we will setup your project using our established procedures.


We will notify the Ministry of Labour of the project start, perform a Designated Substance Survey to verify you do not have any harmful existing materials to remove (like asbestos), and design a dust management plan to reduce dust in your home and improve the indoor air quality while you are living through the renovation. 


At this stage, you get to meet your dedicated DUO team for your project! We build our client's projects using a Lead Carpenter model where you have a dedicated on-site team member for the duration of your project. This ensures for a simple communication loop and you have one point of contact for all of your needs. 

We work with a cloud based software - BuilderTrend that issues a custom login so you can receive daily images and reports on the progress on-site in case you are not on-site for any portion of the construction,


At the completion of your project, we will schedule a final walk-through with you and your Lead Carpenter to ensure the project has been completed to your satisfaction. To simplify any follow-ups, we will also schedule a 6 - month warranty check-in to come by and perform any required tune-ups to keep your renovation looking it's best!

We offer an industry-leading 3year warranty on all of our renovations and prioritize your repairs. Your continued enjoyment of your renovation is our top priority as we hope to build a longterm relationship with you (and your home!) over time. 

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